About Us

Thanks for visiting and listening!

The folks behind the Pure RC Radio are a bunch of RC Professionals and Radio control airplane pilots who love music and want to give back to the RC community.

Music makes us feel good and helps our work days go by faster and while the music is an important part of our programming it is only the start.

The Pure RC Radio features fun and educational programming. In the near future, each XX night at XXX GMT we will feature live programming to help you improve your hobby. Imaging learning about the latest products and services on the market via independent reviews and in depth examples. During these broadcast we also host informative guest from throughout the industry and we do it all live.

A live broadcast is exciting, it is dynamic and you are invited to be part of the action. You can interact with our show guest because our shows feature live text chat, listener call in capabilities and even live streaming video feeds and a special image push technology direct from the studio.

For more information about the Pure RC Radio drop us a line or visit our online forum, we want your feedback and ideas and look forward to hearing from you during our shows.