Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for visiting and listening!

Who is Pure RC Radio and how do we contact you?

We are a Non Profit Organisation, offering a FREE service to the Radio Control Modeller community

The day to day running is supported by a small group of RC Industry professionals and Radio control airplane pilots who love music and want to contribute to our community. For more information about Pure RC Radio visit the about us page. We can be contacted by the Feedback link above.

Why are you asking for Donations?

A great question with a simple answer; we need to fund this operation and want to bring you tons of great programming.

We know that money does not grow on trees so we don't ask for a lot but we hope you like what you are hearing and will throw us a bone every now and then to support the effort. Only donate if you think the programming is worth it and if you don't think the station is worth supporting our guess is that you will not be listening.

Please let us know either way because we love to hear from listeners.

Isn't Internet Radio Cheap to Run?

It is possible to start an Internet radio station (hobby webcaster), using just a home computer, a few MP3 files, and a cheap Broadband connection, that's not how we are doing things.

We use professional audio equipment and computer automation software. We have invested in redundant systems via a Hosting Service who inturn provude powerful internet connections to reduce any downtime or outages

In addition, we pay for all of the music you are hearing (lots of CD's) and pay a significant amount of money in royalty fees to music copyright holders.

Also to accommodate listeners our monthly bandwidth fees can be hefty. Pure RC Radio is no cheap operation.

How do the Artists you play get paid?

How do the artists you play get paid? We pay fees to the industry groups PRS and PPL (who represent songwriters & publishers) in very much the same way that an FM/AM Radio station do. These fees are distributed to songwriters & publishers based on periodic airplay surveys & reports.

Does Pure RC Radio offer a Podcast?

Yes and No. Unfortunately, copyright regulations prevent us from doing a podcast of the live music streams we play. We do offer a podcast of all of our live and educational programs. We encourage you to listen in live and to participate but if you miss a show the podcast is the way to go.

I am an Independant Artist can I send you my CD?

Sure you can and we always love new music to review. Be sure to include a note with the CD and pick the best couple of tracks for us to review. This will let us get to it quickly