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Autonomous UAV’s – Build Your Own Drone

This LIVE Broadcast took place on the 18th Sept 2011 at 8:30pm GMT

Featured Guest: Martin Toovey Business Owner of – Build Your Own Drone

Running time of program: 25 Minutes

Martin talks about his newly formed business and covers about a range of topics:

  • What motivated him to get started.
  • What are the component parts
  • What is required if you which to start with a basic kit and costings
  • Things to consider when purchasing an airframe – e.g Fix Wing or Coptor
  • The safety features of the technology
  • Briefly covered how to setup the software
  • BMFA (British Model Flying Association)/CAA rules and regulations to fly these Autonomous UAV’s in UK airspace

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YT International – Martin Chitty Interview

This LIVE Broadcast took place on the 17th Aug 2011 at 8:30pm GMT

Featured Guest: Martin Chitty (KniverFlyer) – YT International

Running time of program: 20 Minutes

Martin describes how YT International got started, he talks about a range of topics, including what YT International offer today and what we can expect from YT International in the near future.

  • How Martin got involved with YT International
  • Martin’s role at YT International
  • Link between YT International & ESM factory
  • How YT got into the modelling business and identified opportunity
  • YT’s role with ESM factory
  • ARTF vs Kits
  • Martin announces a new range of Gliders
  • How YT differentiates themselves from other Model Manufacturers
  • Why Composite over Balsa
  • YT Accessories, Retracts, Pilots, Cockpits, Dashboards etc
  • Martin talks about a NEW Range of Pilots which YT are bringing out later this year
  • How YT see “electric” powered models and their strategic approach
  • NEW EDF Jets coming
  • Advice to Newbies wanting to fly Warbirds
  • And more . . .
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